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Whether it's a Seniors Concert, A 50's & 60's Sock Hop, House Concert, or Cruising Night & Car Show you won't be disappointed if you book Paul as a single act or with some very talented musical friends.  A night of memorable music will have people talking about how much fun they had and just how great the music was.

If you are an Activities Director in a Retirement Facility I am a member at:


Some Favourites from my Seniors Concerts
(click on the speaker button to listen)

Cry of the Wildgoose  A memory from my childhood  there is usually a lot of toe tapping and hand clapping. 

That's Life - Can't have a concert without a Sinatra Song and folks seem to love the message in this one

A Rose In The River - This is an original I wrote and perform.  People seem to love it. Video Link

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Main Page - Music   Artist    Author

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