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Music and the way you play it, sing it, and feel it is an ever changing thing influenced by those you listen to and those you share and play with.  I have been lucky to play with a lot of talented people and yes they have inspired, challenged and been a big part and continue to be an influence in my music.

These are a few of my musical friends.  Over the years there have been many and I can't list them all or I would run out of room however every one of them have been appreciated.
The Inner Light  This was the first band I put together in my last year of high school.  A very talented group that went on to become "Rain"
Phyllis Boltz (Charity Brown) achieved some hit singles.
Ron Hiller played with Copper Penny and carries on with
a great Children's show as Ronno.
The Jades  I learned what the road was like by playing across
Canada with Tom Quigley, Jerry Valeriote and Danny Kimpel.
Wow found an ancient reel to reel and converted it Originals On The Road Blues by Tom Quigley and Woman of Sin written and layed down in the studio LOL by Paul Hock
Hourglass  I played with these 
guys during my showband days from 1975 through 1980, 
Hourglass Clip Peice of my Past Jamie Todd
 (I'm Clyde, Rick Todd is the Man In The Street.
Radio ad clip is music from the 70's Album for a 2005 reunion show)
And every once and awhile we still do

Fantasy Post Hourglass and a few more years on the road
doing my Elvis Shtick. George played great guitar, Brian did a great Buddy Holly, Jeff amazed everyone with his voice and his hair and Robin well what can I say.  A great bunch of guys.

Bruce Hare is a well known entertainer that still plays a lot in southern Ontario. Bruce and I played together on the road with Garrison. If you see him tell him Paul says to sing "Cara Mia". You won't regret it.
Bruce Sings Pretty Woman at a music reunion bash in Woodstock
Panama Two Hourglass keyboard players with state of the art Synth's (well they were at the time) and back on the northern circuit once again.  Rick Dickert and I had a lot of laughs and still loved to play.
The Funland Band Fairs & Shows across Ontario and into the States and a northern tour that I'll never forget. The real fun was watching the smiles on the kids faces
 I  played as Boogabee Bear with Paul Embro (Mumfrey) and John Tonin (Woofer).
Nonie Crete a well known Singer/Songwriter and Eugene Rea I have
shared the stage with these two and they have helped me in the studio.
The River Grand a beautiful song by Nonie
   Nonie & Eugene on You Tube

Scott Woods is a Canadian Fiddle Champion. He has helped out on a few of my recording projects. His professionalism always shines through. Scott has joined me in the studio and on stage. He tours widely across North America.
Scott played fiddle on this 50's tune Cry of the Wild Goose. I recorded for my dad.
Don't Try this at home.
The Backroads Band A lot of Tuesday night jam sessions  
a lot of Rock'n Country across southern Ontario and a lot of fun.
 I  played with these boys for a year or so.
I Love A Rainy Night - One I sang with the Backroads Boys
Rocky Howell of Major Hooples / Hourglass Reunion Fame
  Rocky singing Sherry with Jamie Todd

Someday We'll All Be "On The Road Again"
A Tribute Page To Those That Have Passed On

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Main Page - Music - Artist - Author

Songwriting - Entertainer - History - Discography - Press - Itinerary - Contact


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