Someday We'll All Be "On The Road Again"

Paul Benedict was an amazing soundman and recording engineer with a big heart. He worked for the likes of Ronnie Hawkins and did sound for Hourglass and a number of top drawing acts. He was kind enough to load his gear into his truck and come up to Elora to record the original version of  "A Song For Canada". He will be remembered by many.
Jack Finlayson was an Hourglass Original has left us. A veteran of the early days and played on the road with many of us in Hourglass & Garrison. I stayed connected with him to the end and will miss our Wednesday Night Wings at the Breadalbane in Fergus.
More about Jack here.
 Pat Gamble - I played with Pat in Garrison. A few weeks before he passed I tried finding him. I heard he was in Woodstock and phoned every Gamble listed to no avail. I just wanted to reconnect and say hi, now it's to late. I will always remember his wit and smile.
More Memories of Pat Here 

Danny Kimpel Danny was a very talented guitar player that played in the first full time road band I joined "The Jades".  He helped me in many ways to get my "Road Legs" and had a wonderful sense of humour.  Sadly he left us while still in his 30's.  I'll always remember his smile and positive attitude towards life.

Hugh Carson My close friend in grade 6 through 9. We spent many hours listening to the likes of Johnny Horton and other artists of the time.  He even inspired me to buy a 4 string tenor guitar so I could play along and helped me put music to my first songs.  I tried contacting him a few years back only to find he had passed away at the age of 49.  His brother Richard carried on with something they had planned Its called Hugh's Room
Ray Morel of "True Reflection" a Show Band that toured the same circuit as Hourglass. We  had a friendly rivalry going on with these fellows. Not to mention a few parties whenever we got the chance. Even flew back from Ottawa one time so I could catch them New Years Day at the Coronet in Kitchener.  Ray will be missed by many.
Willie O'haggan - "Irish Newcomers" We were saddened to hear about his passing, Jan. 30th, 2015 at age 62. A fine entertainer with an amazing voice. I'm sure he is still singing up a storm somewhere.
Stu Monroe Peltz - Radio Personality  Stu was kind enough to play my original songs on his show and did an interview with me way back in the 90's.  He was always encouraging to independent artists.   

John Allan Cameron  - Chieftain of the Games
Sadly passed in 2006  I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of sharing the stage and working with John Allan at the Fergus Scottish Festival on more than one occasion. 

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