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Scheduled for Publication in March of 2017

     Charles Parker awoke in a cold sweat. He knew it was all a dream, but he swore it was real. He knew the Sergeant in this dream was his father. But Charles felt like it was him, like he was taking his father's place, in his skin. seeing, touching, feeling everything his dad had experienced, on that fateful day in 1944. It was crazy, his dad had never told him about what happened in the war. Only a vague reference, to how a corporal had, "saved his butt". 
     The dreams had started when he was in his 50ís, as he grew older they became more and more vivid, more real. This wasnít the only dream, they all reflected around a host of memories, of regrets, things that had not been done, or that should have been done differently. Charles had made a list of them and vowed he would make them right. Now he was an 86 year-old man, in a retirement home, with a heart condition. How could he possibly make things right?
     Thatís when he met Evan, a young musician that was performing at the home. Their friendship, set into motion a series of impossible events. Events that would see a dying wish by Charles, fulfilled by the young man, as he set out on "A Pilgrimage to Memphis".


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