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The Serpent's Eyes: The Serpent's Eyes is the story of a young English boy named John Crispin who stows away on a Portuguese Caravel in the 16th century. It is the first in The Crispin Trilogy which will traverse three hundred years of this family branch. The setting of this first book is primarily the Caribbean. The challenges of this English boy living in a Spanish domain are many. He must use bravery, ingenuity, and a passion for doing what is right to overcome adversity. In particular a villain named Cassius, who uses the power of the Serpent's Eyes to try and destroy John and his people.

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When I write songs I usually visualize the story as I write. Many times it unfolds like a sequel. I write songs in much the same way, visualizing each verse. It helps me find the lyric I am looking for.  Interestingly the inspiration for two books I have written were triggered by songs I have written.  "The Tree ©" A song about an old lady that visits a special tree every year at Christmas has transformed into a Children's Novel.  Another song "A Pilgrimage To Memphis ©" inspired a novel I completed in 2014 and is slated for rewrite, editing and  publishing in 2016.


The Tree: Snow was falling, not in great gusts of billowing white or stinging wet, this snow was different, as if every tiny flake followed its own course, drifting slowly down and then spiraling back up not wanting to give up the gift of flight. Somersaulting, diving, playing hopscotch with the cedars, suspending in mid air as if drinking in the view until settling down gently, joining millions of its tiny friends. Covering the meadow like a shimmering lake alive with light. All facing the tree. As if in anticipation. 

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A Pilgrimage To Memphis: The Dreams all seemed to focus around regrets, things done wrong or that hadn't even been done.  Charles made a list over the years and vowed he would someday, somehow make it right. Now he was an 80-year-old man in a retirement home with a heart condition.  How could he possibly make things right?Thatís when Charlie met Evan and a dying wish was fulfilled in "A Pilgrimage to Memphis".


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The Stone Ark: The world has gone 'to hell in a handbasket' but Jim and Robin Brock were among the few that saw it coming and prepared. It would take all their survival skills to maintain a sense of civilization, survive a world cast into a nuclear winter and combat a sinister group known as the black brigade. The Ark is meant to keep them alive and give their group a fresh start. It must be defended at all costs and defend it they will.


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The Quest: For many of us the search for our roots becomes an adventure. We are after all seeking out our past, our history, our ancestors stories. For Paul Crispin it became an obsession that spirited him across the North Atlantic, south to the Caribbean and eventually around the globe. It became a quest that he could never have imagined would to a series of novels about his amazing relatives from a far and distant past.


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Fallen Bird's Cabin: For Joshua Gregson things could not get any worse. He had lost his fortune, and his wife. He had destroyed many friendships. Now, with one last chance to regain some control, he is forced into a life and death struggle with nature, and a vengeful, dangerous man, named Black Wolf. He is saved by a woman he comes to love, and changes not only his name, but his life, in order to be with her.


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