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     Warning signs had been building over a period of some twenty years. Rising temperatures, melting polar caps, unprecedented storms, droughts and flooding but still the denial and insanity persisted. Now there was an escalation of hostilities in numerous spots across the globe that Jim felt was only a distraction, instigated by the powers that be, meant to distract the attention of the masses and take the focus away from the true events that threatened them all.
     To compound things, in what seemed like a reaction to man's stupidity, Mother Earth herself seemed to rebel, the Pacific ring had convulsed, causing catastrophic volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Some two million souls in Japan, the Philippines and the west coast of the United States had perished. The eruptions after-effects where ominous, as billions of tons of ash shot as high as forty-eight kilometers into the earths atmosphere. The tiny volcanic particles reflecting back sunlight, causing a sudden downward shift in temperature of some three degrees.
     Jim and Robin Brooks had developed an emergency plan that would hopefully see them through. They had purchased a cabin and some fifty acres of land just two hours north of their small town home. It was situated on the northeast side of what was known as the Niagara Escarpment. After three years of careful planning they now wondered...  would it be enough.

I have completed the first draft and now beginning the first re-write.

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