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This is my current writing project and I hope to have the first draft completed by spring 2016


       The old man smiled as he picked up the wooden urn. His arthritic hands carefully rotated it, until the couple carved into it's surface faced him. "I can tell you a lot about them, and I've never told anyone before." His gaze shifted to the constable. "Can you promise me, what I am about to say will never leave this circle?"
       The young pilot studied him for a moment before answering. "Yes, I promise inspector."
       "Good, you are now off the clock and off the record."
       He placed the urn on a small wooden table positioned in the middle of the group and spoke. "This is the story of my dear friends Joshua Gregson, known to us as Fallen Eagle, and his wife Little Sparrow, and of this place." He motioned to the cabin and the surrounding lake and forest. "It is a story of hardship, tragedy, love and murder. It is ..... their story." 



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