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     As many of my friends and certainly my wife and son
would attest to, I have never had a shortage of imagination.  Writing has offered me another form of release for the vast herds of
wildebeest wandering the Serengeti of my brain. (Hmm not sure that was a good comparison the Serengeti at times is a vast empty plain )
     About three years ago my wonderful partner gave me Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way". I read it and applied what I think is the most important advice in this book.  Write a minimum of three pages a day in longhand.  It could be three pages of anything and indeed that's what it was until the idea for a novel came into my head. Since then I have finished a total of three novels with another in the works. The first will be released this year with more to follow.
     Thankfully retirement from my day job has allowed me to write to my hearts content. Well almost, after all there is my music and art. 

I'm happy to say "Life will be too Short"


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